IPT is an Italian Company, located in Ferrara, founded by experienced professionals in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and petrochemistry, operations management. Together with the staff of engineers, chemists, technicians and consultants, IPT valuables corresponds largely with the human capital at work in a socializing and active milieu. Innovative technologies and chemical research are the keystone of our Company for the engineering of chemical and petrochemical industrial plants. The available technologies entails synthetics rubber, plastics, and related intermediates. Technology transfer is a comprehensive service that includes the market investigation, the theoretical and practical know-how related to the technology, the vendors auditing, the training of resident personnel at costumers site, the quality certification and application of final products.

IPT people make a team that is based on cooperation and  advancement, to better face the upcoming contests with responsibility and  competence towards human life and environment.

Company Philosophy


No matter the technology is traditional or futuristic, IPT engineering shall provide a state-of-the-art development that is grounded in the interdisciplinary approach.

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Our Core Business


IPT integrated services assist the customers to carry out a broad range of necessities, starting from the study of the technology, going to the process engineering, ending with the product applications.

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Technologies & Projects


IPT technologies can provide several species that are employed in the manufacturing of the common household products available on the mass market.

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Research & Development


Our company is committed to experimental research and technological activities dedicated to the original innovations that are introduced into the technologies offered to the customer.

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